Commercial Artists Awards

About the CAA

The Commercial Actors Awards™ was founded by Gayle Kellon Christensen in June of 2012 and announced to the world in March of 2013.  It was created as a means to celebrate and recognize the memorable acting performances of incredible, but often unsung talent, that appear in broadcast television commercials.  These short advertising breaks in programming have been the fabric of broadcast television since the very first televised ad appeared in the United States in the early 1940’s, right along with scripted and live television content.  After a time, the television industry began recognizing and awarding the actors who appeared in those television shows.  But never have the actors who appeared in the commercials, those who represent the products of the sponsor, been recognized or celebrated.  Even though these 30-second stars study their craft as seriously as their television show counterparts, and in many cases have done great work on the small and big screens as well, no one has ever thought to officially and respectfully recognize their talents.  The Commercial Actors Awards was created to right this wrong by considering and awarding those short performances with the Golden Pitchman™ Award statuette, named for the literal definition of “pitchman” meaning “one who does radio or television commercials.”

Our goal is to gain partners who can help bring this fully developed concept to fruition.

"There is a lot of sweat and a ton of creativity in every one of the 30 seconds you see during a quick TV ad. I do believe principal actors in commercials should be acknowledged. See you at the awards!"

    –- Tudor Petrut, Actor ("Peggy" character in the Discover Card ad campaign)

"I think this is a cool idea! I agree that there should be an awards show under this format."

    -- R.J. Kelly, Actor (Ally Bank "Would You Like a Pony?" ad interviewer)

"I think it’s a great idea!"

    –- Diane Amos, Actor (The Pine Sol Lady)